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C.D. Charlton

A Neon Rustic Memory


About Me

C.D. Charlton grew up just outside of Nashville in Gallatin, Tennessee. Old Hickory Lake provided an inspiring backdrop to begin creating artwork. Having spent much of his youth in his grandfather's woodshop, it was only natural that Charlton uses wood as his surface medium of choice. His work has a neon-rustic feel built on nostalgia. Charlton focuses on creating the feeling of a memory, using layers of color to provide those moments of perfection we all hold so close to our hearts. Whether it be a person, place, or pure emotion, he will capture that feeling you so desperately want to revisit. 

My Medium

I love to paint on thin birch or oak with acrylic paint. Thin layer upon layer of various shades of color. This provides unique and extensive depth to each work. I coat each piece with a high gloss varnish, bringing out the true colors whilst protecting it from aging.


LeRoy Neiman due to the end of Rocky III. Oskar Kokoschka because he makes me think/paint to the brink of delirium. Monet's coloring.


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C.D. Charlton

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